May 14, 2018

Grade 7/8 Career Day at Buchan PS

Talking about Illustration and Concept Art to Grade 7/8 students at Buchan PS. The Q&A reflected an  engaged group of students. This was an all day event for me and it was great experience and loved being part of this event. 

June 19, 2017


Just when life with kids was becoming more manageable and independent, we've added an addition to our family. Things got noisier with our little ball of fury, SOLA. It's been 6 years since our last dog and we decided to give it another go. Sola's pretty cool and gets to spend time with me at work. Forgive me if you begin to see more posts of dogs.

Thanks to our friends at Just Paws for showing us great support with Sola. Just Paw Animal Rescue is a wonderful organization for anyone looking to adopt a dog into your life. This is her at 3 months old. She rocks with her cool grunge wear. It's amazing what my wife can put together out of old shorts and shirts. For more info of Just Paws click the link below.


April 12, 2017

Sweden and 6 Hours

Had to make a social commentary on Sweden's position to reduce the work day to 6 hours. When I heard that I thought -What? Although it was just a pilot project-not actually happening, and they tried this before several times. I still have to respect a country's efforts to endeavour to evaluate the work-life balance and seek to better the lives of its people. It still constitutes progressive thinking in my books.

We Canadians can learn something from Sweden's efforts. I'm not an economist but I do know my post-war parent's generation did far better financially than my generation is doing. They were able to pay off their homes and during higher interest rates, and were able to purchase multiple homes and cottages. Who can explain it?

I could be mistaken, but DIDN'T economist, Maynard Keynes, claim as Nations become wealthier at the expense of its hard working citizenry the nation in turn will reward its citizens with more leisure time. When's that happening? 

We certainly can add more value to our lives if we advocate for it. It sucks knowing that we essentially are working our tail off for stuff. 

I too wonder why things are the way they are.  Maybe one day we'll figure out that quality of life outweigh profit margins - yeah right,  

...and Artists will inherit the Earth.

April 7, 2017

Friday Morning Coffee Shop Daily Sketch

Thanks to the wonderful people who picked up on this sketch at the coffee shop. It was nice to chat with people who appreciate art and good conversation. 

I like how my simple sketch of a guy enjoying his music brought in the comment,  "I like your drawing."  This kick-started an in-depth chat of ethnic representation in main stream animation art and how the caucasian form still dominates.  That's the beauty of art and how it helps build connections with people. 

March 21, 2017

Lucy, the next AVENGER?

Decided it was time to change the heading image since its March 21 and the cold is still here. What the Hay, man! Maybe I'm in a Twilight Zone winter, where the people wake up and keep repeating the same cold day over again. Wait. That's not an original idea. It's a movie called Groundhog Day with my favourite actor, Bill Murray.

Ushering in the spring with some screenshots of Lucy the next AVENGER daily sketch. Actually she's not officially. Haha. She started out as a sketch of a girl flying through the air. Later went into digital ink and colour and decided to get more creative. Below are some screenshots of her evolution.  I decided later on as girl flying through the air enjoying the freedom of flight as only Tony Stark's gloves can deliver. And NO Lucy's eye symbol is not  a tribute to the Great David Bowie or to the animated character, Gem. I just like the lightning on 'er face y'all.

March 7, 2017

Uke Aloha and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Meaning to post this on the weekend. Became super busy and getting around to it. This sketchbook drawing went through lots of changes with the underdrawings and all. 

listening to my wife's Uke jam session over the weekend, while she was playing Over The Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and feeling inspired to draw a Uke musician. Originally this sketch was to be an addition to the series, SKETCHY, but I liked the Uke player's design that I decided to go further and digitize him. The drawings below show the process of the gradual adding of colour. Would like to make him a reoccurring  character but some times a drawing is just a drawing. 

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (also known as Bruddah Iz) has contributed to the Uke's popularity resurging and to my interest in his music.  Loved listening to his version of Over the Rainbow as so many have. This sketch is inspired by a great Hawaiian musician and activist. Also of my wife who continues to be my over the rainbow.

January 20, 2017

He's the MAN, daily sketch

This sketch started off from a quick sketchbook drawing. Went completely digital on this. Really like working with Autodesk Sketcbook Pro. Used the pencil tool on this one. The results are AMAZING!!! I really love starting from a random drawing and finishing up with something totally unpredictable. This guy went through so many changes because I didn't know what I wanted him to be. 

He reminds me of a time when downtown was surrounded with people like this selling their pawn shop items or stolen goods out of their coats on street corners. Those were the days.

Maybe he will become a reoccurring character. Haven't decided but he is eccentric enough to tell a story.