October 3, 2011

Cape Breton Island

Us on top of Cheticamp Island looking out onto the water hoping to
see some whales as is the whale tours down below.

This abandoned house on the Island has been standing for
a really long time, judging by the weathered exterior. Things are built
to last out here. I love how the composition places the solitude
of the house amidst the grassy hills and the distant ocean. What a view
to wake up to every morning...

Cape Breton has a lot of cultural history. This was the land of the
earliest settlers to Canada before confederation. While hiking
we came across this grave marker representative of a time when people
used to live on this island.

Ahh! Life on the beach. Rowin and Atticus looked forward to
going to Cheticamp Beach every morning. Coastal areas are often
susceptible to severe weather patterns. Jelly fish are abundant
once the warmer waters circulates from the gulf stream. Often birds
don't make it to safety from the high winds off the Highlands mountain
range, as this poor guy can show. Crabs travel to shallow water
to warm up from the cold deep and face the threat of tourists on the beach.
The boys loved the experiences of being in nature every day.

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