May 16, 2012

Local Daycare Colouring Day Project

A local daycare wanted to participate in the World Colouring Day event. 
I was commissioned to provide art direction for the project. During 
collaboration with the daycare staff, I decided the best art direction for the project 
would be to have the staff caricatured and drawn as their favourite super heros. 
The originals were later reduced to letter size to have the the daycare children 
colour them.

The final project was to be displayed in the daycare for staff, parents, and 
students to view. The result was a great success. The students enjoyed colouring in 
the staff pictures, and the students assisted in displaying them around the daycare.

Each of the staff participated by posing for their caricature. This proved difficult 
during work hours and staff photos were used to finalize the caricatures.


The final drawings were done using woodless charcoal and drawn on 
bond paper measuring 19 by 24.