September 4, 2014

Muscle Head

Back from HOLIDAYS and the work has PILED UP. Sun, sand, and seashores has come to a grinding hault-although my head is still trying to catch up to my current location-HOME.

On my travels I brought a moleskine sketchbook with me with the idea of being as portable as possible. That and my portable paint set, I set off to capture as much as I could. I soon realized that porability was too confining and looked forward to my regular tools.

Instead I took loads of pictures (which I will post on my pinterest site) and rediscovered the Canadian Maritime's seashore. I fell in love with a moment that I wish I could live out for as long as possible while staring out into the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. I pondered life through a Hemingway novel as the Old Man and The Sea. The potential to live our lives as simply as we want it to be without the trivialities and diatribes of everyday life that consumes most of our time.  Suddenly my lovely thoughts are replaced by the voice of Mr. Waturi, from Joe Versus the Volcano, saying, "NOBODY FEELS GOOD.  AFTER CHILDHOOD IT'S A FACT. I FEEL ROTTEN. SO WHAT! I DON'T LET IT AFFECT MY DAY.

So apart from philosophical repartee, today's daily sketch is MUSCLE HEAD.