February 27, 2015

Good Cop - BAD COP

Working on a new series called GOOD COP - BAD COP.  It's only in the design stage at the moment and the story follows two characters who don't play by the rules and continually find themselves in the Captain's office.

Here are some early character sketches. The concept behind the designs reflects stereotypical police officers with an edge. It would have been too obvious if each character was designed around good and bad personas so I decided to toil with the idea that in each of us can be lurking a good and a bad regardless of our outward appearances. These designs might change down the line...

February 19, 2015

My Sirens

Happy belated New Year to everyone.  The new year brought me some new gadgets along with new work.  It's been crazy busy for me as it often gets and time management becomes paramount during those times. Unfortunately the daily sketch is often sacrificed when time constraints become extra critical.  THAT SUCKS!!! since daily sketch is the time I can be most impulsive and to just allow my creative flow to wander.

While my wife, friends and colleagues are my fiercest critics and loving supporters of my work, the anvil has fallen on me lately to time manage more effectively even if it means waking up earlier and posting stuff more timely. Artists are in the business of inspiration and inspire we must, especially for the ones who really count on it. Thanks for all the talks and reminders, guys.

Here is the first daily sketch for 2015...  :)