September 22, 2015

Just A Thought

This site has been seriously NEGLECTED, man.! :(  Realizing my last post was in March, now's the time to reflect on my online behaviour. It seems reality can be both physical and virtual as is the case for me. It's quite cool and exciting to live in two different worlds.

Since blogger I opened up several other sites and I realized a valuable lesson in social media futility: the more sites I have the less posting I do. So I decided to revamp my sites and purging the FAT, the dead wood, as seems fit.

I will be cancelling my tumbler site as it doesn't serve my needs. I know lots of artists who love tumbler and it really is a useful social media site. Also thinking of cancelling my old website and transferring some of the content to WORDPRESS. I also want to focus more on my DEVIANT ART page and keep PINTEREST going. See how that works for me. Three might be a charm or freakin' social media nightmare. Got to get into the flow...the vibe...the NOW.

September 21, 2015

The Last of Us

Played the Last of Us on my PS3 and loved it!!! The character rendering and storyline was incredible.  I actually became more involved in reading up on spores and fungal species which can be lethal in some cases. Thanks to the designers at Naughty Dog for putting together an awesome game for an old kid like me. Although my favourite weapon of choice for Joel was the modified pipe, I wanted him holding the axe in my pic since it really captures the gore factor. I went straight to ink with this one as you can see from an earlier sketch.