April 19, 2016

HillBilly BOB

HillBilly BOB realized that with every new bank account opened, he's awarded a new gun. It's a deep south AMERICAN thing.  BOB has now opened several bank accounts and collects a variety of guns.     

Evidently, collecting guns is like collecting coins, comics, or stamps. That was cool in my youth. I suppose the gun collector might have a hard time bringing them into show-in-tell for a classroom event.  I personally would be afraid to run into BOB at the local grocery store.


  1. He hold on to dat gun cos dat gun de only thing he can hold on to..sad, really. Makes me feel for Bob, but only at a distance. Wouldn't want to run into him either.

  2. When your gun is your only buddy. Ohh, the shame. Bob lends himself to the ongoing debate in America- to gun or not to gun, that is the ongoing debacle facing our southern cousins. For BOB, there is no debate. Hands down. Guns are here to stay. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.