April 4, 2016


Today's daily sketch is LAURA ANGEL. Liked the idea of an ANGEL who has seen and been through too much to give a shit. For immortals, their POV of human history would be a history repeating itself over and over again, hamster wheeling for eternity-bummer.

This is my first real attempt at going right into digital without a pre-drawing. I usually have some pencil sketch that I can rely on, but not this time. Really like working with Autodesk's SketchPro. Happy with the results.

I imagined Laura to be fashionable grundge wearing diva  and being more intrigued with her yo-yo than saving humans from their idiotocratic ways. Maybe she was inspired by characters like Jessica Jones, Alias, Aeon Flux, and other ideas lurking in my subconscious.

Hope to include Laura in a project in the future, but like the saying goes, for people like me with busy schedules, "you won't have time if you don't make time," or what was it "schedule time"...lol

until next time...


  1. I like how she wears her accessories. Very heavenly...

  2. Possible comic character. Lots of potential.