October 14, 2016

Crotchety Teacher

Thought it was timely to post this as Daily Sketch since its Back to School for the kiddies after a nice long hot summer. The glum faces and the dismal expressions reminds me of another long year of school. "Get used to it kids," I say, "school for you guys will be long. High school and post-secondary and perhaps even more post-secondary." Their faces sink even more. Learning hasn't always been exciting for them and my wife and I supplement their education a great deal. Are teachers not inspired to learn anymore? Has stagnation and comfort usurped joy and enthusiasm for learning? I know there are still some passionate educators out and my children have met them but they are far and few between.

Later in my class I share my kid's sentiment with my students, who are much older. Their feedback is imbued with passion and disappointment as they share their stories of public education as a broken system far too great a topic to get into here...

...As for my kids, here's hoping your educators will continue to rise above the doldrums of mediocrity and show the passion for learning and knowledge to be just as exciting as I see it.


  1. to much dead wood

  2. system has been broken long time. Bad teachers spreading like lemmings.

  3. unfortunate for the good educators who get bullied into the dark side. Fight the power.