November 11, 2016

A Charming Snake

 Out for a pleasure walk in the early morning and came across a Garter Snake. What a rare find!!! Snakes have always been my favourite reptiles.  The way they get around is really amazing and they are seriously misunderstood. I got up close and personal with this one as I got in touch with my inner Crocodile Hunter.

November 10, 2016

Wexford Collegiate Open House

Posted some pics of Wexford during their Open House as my son, Rowin, prepares for High School. Wexford is a specialized Art School catering to students who excel in visual arts, media, film, dance, and drama. Me and Rowin took a tour of the school and looking at all the cool things it had to offer hoping it will become his next school. 

We had time to engage with the staff and students and really loved how open, welcoming, accepting, and diverse this school is. I felt at home among Artists who, in my opinion, are awesome and eclectic people to be around.

Students work in groups to paint the lockers 
in diverse styles and expressions. How many schools do that...

This is the washroom facility... cool. I like a place 
that understands a toilet is just a toilet and everybody uses it.

Rowin looking at the papier mache whale and 
calf, displayed in the main foyer.