December 8, 2016

December 1, 2016

Sketchy 01

Adding a new post series, I decided to call  Sketchy. These are a series of drawings from my sketchbook usually done on my creative jam sessions away from work, sitting in my pjs and watching a movie, documentary, or TV. It's my pure fun of the wandering pencil and the good old imagination unfiltered and totally subconscious. Sketchbook stuff is rarely seen and yet its some of my favourite times, and the drawings are meant to be raw and unedited (I do use Photoshop to modify slightly). It's important for me to have these moments where I can have some down time to just disconnect, and I admit my time is structured but I force myself to make time to grab the sketchpad and a nice B pencil as often as possible and begin. All in all WYSIWYG.

I usually draw 11 by 14 on 50 pound paper and I prefer drawing horizontally but find it difficult to format for blogger, so I stick to the vertical orientation. Enjoy. Cheers