January 10, 2017

Treebeard, Mary and Pippin

Happy 2017 New Year Everyone!!!

The first post for the 2017 is Treebeard accompanied by Mary and Pippin. Had a busy Christmas holiday spending time with family and friends. Played lots of games, drank much of everything and had some post party time for much needed R & R, at least until New Year's Eve where it seemed like I was repeating the loop from Christmas eve.

The best part of the holiday is the Conga Drum- that's right Conga Drum, my wife pick up for me and displayed it with a large red bow. She felt it was necessary for me to get musical in-between my artistic work. So now as we prepare dinner she can hear the soothing sounds of my hands whalling away on my drum. Never thought I'd here the day when my kids site me for being too darn loud, haha. Our home will never be quite again...

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