March 21, 2017

Lucy, the next AVENGER?

Decided it was time to change the heading image since its March 21 and the cold is still here. What the Hay, man! Maybe I'm in a Twilight Zone winter, where the people wake up and keep repeating the same cold day over again. Wait. That's not an original idea. It's a movie called Groundhog Day with my favourite actor, Bill Murray.

Ushering in the spring with some screenshots of Lucy the next AVENGER daily sketch. Actually she's not officially. Haha. She started out as a sketch of a girl flying through the air. Later went into digital ink and colour and decided to get more creative. Below are some screenshots of her evolution.  I decided later on as girl flying through the air enjoying the freedom of flight as only Tony Stark's gloves can deliver. And NO Lucy's eye symbol is not  a tribute to the Great David Bowie or to the animated character, Gem. I just like the lightning on 'er face y'all.

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